What if weight was not a problem (to solve)?

Weight management and weight loss are a reality that many people tend to struggle with, physically and mentally. It can be challenging and often frustrating, as no matter what strategies we try,; the weight always comes back in some shape or form. But what if weight wasn’t the problem at all? What if it’s just an outcome of deep, underlying tensions that one must identify and navigate? Imagine that!!


I know from personal experience that this can be the case.

For years, I struggled with my weight. When I was younger, I was active in sports and wasn’t too concerned about my weight. However, I gained weight as I got older, and my lifestyle changed. I stopped competing, and training, became a dad and launched various business ventures. I tried all sorts of strategies to lose weight – diets, exercise programs; you name it. But nothing worked in the long term. I would lose a few kilos only to gain them back. It was demoralizing and generated a fair amount of frustration due to the feeling of effort and sacrifice.

But then I realized that my weight wasn’t the problem. It was just an outcome of other issues that I was not recognizing and not exploring. It all became more evident once I realized I had certain polarities in my life causing a lot of stress and my body’s reaction was to gain weight. For example, and without going into detail, one polarity I struggled with was the balance between work and rest. I often worked long hours and neglected my physical health, leading to weight gain. Another polarity I struggled with was the balance between indulgence and self-control. I would often indulge in unhealthy foods and not exercise self-control, leading to weight gain.

If you recognize some of your patterns here, allow yourself to slow down and take time to acknowledge that before you read on.


Once I managed to recognize these polarities, thanks to some support and found strategies to navigate them, my weight regulated itself, and it was not a problem to fix. What a liberating thought!  I found a balance between work and rest and learned to indulge in moderation rather than overindulging. As a result, my weight became a non-issue. It wasn’t something I needed to think about or stress over constantly.

Everyone’s experience with weight management is different, and what worked for me might not work for everyone. But it’s essential to recognize that weight management is not just about diet and exercise but also about finding balance and managing the polarities in our lives and inner narrative. If you’re struggling with weight, I encourage you to explore these deeper issues. Or, feel free to reach out to me to discuss this further.

We will conduct several public and in-house Polarity Wisdom workshops in 2023. You can also book a time with me using this link if you want to know more about navigating polarities, have questions about a polarity you are currently navigating or know more about what we offer around polarities.



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