A Peaceful Place to Tap in My Utmost Curiosity

A Peaceful Place to Tap in My Utmost Curiosity

I am in the process of reflecting on the year that is finishing and one of most important thing for me this year was finding places where I am truly curious. When I project myself there, I can have a lot more perspectives available and I am totally open to the world that surrounds me. These places I am talking about are in me, and at the same time they are places I have been physically, my body knows them. These are somatic experiences.
One of them is triggered by the energy that I feel when I am free-riding on my snowboard.

To me, snowboarding is something I really love to do and that I had access to it since a very young age. On my board, I am really relaxed, my senses are hyper sensitive and I have a huge amount of energy and empathy for what is around me. I fully embrace my environment and all the people in it. All this, whilst doing an activity that is fast, potentially dangerous, complex and tiring. My take on what is happening is that when I am on my snowboard I have a somatic resonance to who I really am. It is allowing my true energy to emerge.

Early this year, my coach helped me reveal such places and energy. We explored what was possible from there and how I can really show up with the people around me. Luckily I do not need snow to be in such perspective. As I am living in Singapore it would be very difficult for me to jump on a snowboard whenever I want.
With the help of my coach, I have developed a way to connect to that energy and, with practice I am now able to access it whenever I want. When I do so my thoughts settle, I gain clarity and the ability to choose how I receive information, how I react, what to do with the emotions that come up.
Over the year I have been integrating this energy in everything. It has not been easy. I cannot recall all the times I had to remind myself to stay curious and question what is really going on in the moment. Nevertheless, over the course of the last year, I can really see the changes. The way it has transformed me as a coach, how differently I show up and how I connect with people and teams. Areas of life where I felt stuck or in conflict have disappeared. I sense a lot more fluidity in everything I do. I feel much more connected.
I now invite you to come and find your own place of utmost curiosity. It is always an honor for me to be present when these places show up for you and to witness the transformations that follow.

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