Agile Profile® Training in Singapore – 2015 certification series

Agile Profile® Training in Singapore – 2015 certification series

What is it all about?

The Agile Profile® helps starting a reflection for individuals and teams on their ability to put into action the three fundamental principles of agility: anticipation, cooperation and innovation all the while carrying out a concurrent reflection on the meaning.

This model aims for a reflection on the collective or individual ability to implement those principles, which are key performance factors. It is a model about actions and not about the person. In this, it is different but compatible with a personality profile.

The Agile Profile® plots our agility profile on two levels at which we use the different fundamental positions of agility or agile modes. The first representation shows the self-perception of the agile mode of action. The second one shows the measurement of the agile mode of action when under pressure.

The agile modes are core competencies that are specific to each principles. Innovation is based on how we are open to new ideas and how we share knowledge to support a common goal. Anticipation is based on how we understand our environment, react to change, plan and understand the wake behind our actions. Finally Cooperation is based on how we help each other and how we unselfishly adjust priorities for the sake of the common goal.

The Agile Profile® enables us to understand our own decision and action process both in terms of self-perceived and under pressure agility. Our self-perception promotes our natural ability to be agile (not to confuse with our convictions or desires). Under pressure corresponds to the actions we take when under a great deal of pressure: respecting deadlines, pressure from your hierarchy or other actors… It also helps understanding the collective modes of action to work together on balancing and/or on developing agility in teams.

What can the Agile Profile® be used for?

The Agile Profile® can be used on an individual, team or organizational level. It supports change and performance. The Agile Profile® can be used in initiative such as:

  • Developing high team performance
  • Supporting organizational transformation
  • Supporting critical projects
  • Facilitating team reboot
  • Developing leadership
  • and more

The Agile Profile® brings awareness, curiosity and actions to individuals and teams in order to adapt to an ever more complex environments.

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