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Connection with my heart

Connection with my heart

This morning, very early, I met a friend for a fun activity, she invited me to experience whispering to trees. To start she guided me through a mindfulness session in order to get in tune with my senses and slowly move to my heart. When I connected with my heart I felt a lot of peace and freedom; such a nice feeling. My friend then asked me to set my intension from that place and I chose to keep the connection with my heart. Once I opened my eyes everything felt so much sharper and a lot more details were visible to me. My friend then invited me to walk around and have a conversation with the nature around us (we were in a botanical garden so there was a lot of choices).

I slowly wondered around, and connected with plants and trees. It was fantastic to get in touch with some of them and explore what they had to say. The next thing I know I am walking through a bamboo forest and whilst I am exchanging with them I start to feel something in my feet. I noticed that I was walking on small rocks and that the pressure from them was like a massage through my shoes. As I felt so at peace I decided to take off my shoes (my protection) and continue walking. As I continue along the path I pondered what I was experiencing. What I noticed is that even if the path was very bumpy, as I was in such a peaceful place and walking slowly, I could still really enjoy the walk. The massage feeling was actually very nice. I also noticed that I had the choice on how bumpy the path could be as the rocks were organized in such a way that the left side of the path was with bigger rounder rocks and the right side had smaller sharper rocks. Stepping on the left allowed me to continue the walk on a bumpy and more comfortable path. The interesting thing is that I was attracted to be on the right side 🙂

Along the way I met an old lady that was also enjoying the rocky path, when we got close to each other we both stopped and our eyes connected. We did not exchange words and the smile we had on our faces said it all. I still have her smile in my mind as I am writing.

At the end of the path I put my shoes back on and walked on a much smoother path. What was fun is to still feel the massage of the smaller rocks. I still carry the happiness of having walked through that path and feel like I really loved that bumpy road. I noticed that I am walking much faster and much less attuned to what my feet are feeling. I learnt that in bumpy situations if I want to make the ride more enjoyable I better slow down…like a plane flying through turbulences.

I also learnt that with my heart at peace I can go through anything, enjoy it and see so much more.

The last takeaway of this experience is that I discovered a fantastic reflexology path in a park I often go and for some reason, until today, I had never seen. I feel blessed my friend offered me her time and space. She took me to a wonderful place and it allowed me to really feel the connection to my heart at peace. What a great way to start the weekend!

I wish you all a tremendous weekend.

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