How MyBlueprints is helping us evolve our practice

Over the past few months, we have been busy reinventing ourselves. Our business model being very iterative, we have taken the opportunity of these exceptional times to review our offerings, our websites, our coaching models and our ways of working. A lot is to unfold in the coming weeks, and we will share more soon.
In this article, I want to focus mainly on our ways of working, and particularly on how a deeper integration of MyBlueprints has been beneficial for us. If you are interested to know more about MyBlueprints, you can visit www.myblueprints.com.sg.

One of our significant needs as we were redesigning our ways of working was to reduce waste and rework. By that, I mean we were looking for ways to:

  • Re-use and capitalize on the significant material we have produced or have had access to over the years
  • Streamline how we engage with our clients and partners
  • Bring a meaningful structure in our programs to make our clients experience, and our own, simpler

As of today, we are still iterating as MyBlueprints evolves and provides even more ways to design our practice in a forever digital world. With that said here are top 5 MyBlueprints features (in no particular order) that I feel have enhanced our practice.

Purposeful session booking.

Thanks to a smart booking system, we can quickly find common times with our clients without multiplying the exchanges to find a time that works. We feel that the easier it is to find a time that works, the smoother the experience is. What is excellent about MyBlueprints is that it does this without exposing the coaches agenda. This allows us to schedule our time with our clients according to their needs, where they are in their coaching journey and create the necessary space when needed.

I notice that I have become even more tuned in to my client’s experience and my energy levels. I have become more intentional to when I see my clients so that I can create a more impactful coaching space.

Important information at our fingertips.

We needed a more natural way to see what is going on in our practice; we wanted to move away from a combination of notepads, email, digital notes and todo list, spreadsheets, etc. The dashboard gives us a very useful overview of what is happening and where we need to focus by presenting simple and yet relevant information about our coaching practice.

The dashboard is now the first screen that I open when I start in the morning and a place I frequently return throughout the day.

A curated resource library that is easy to share.

Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of useful references and created a fair amount of content to support our clients. We have leveraged a lot on email or popular shared drives such as Google Drive or DropBox. These work well, yet it always felt like a disconnected way to share specific resources with our clients.
We are currently going through all our resources and selecting the ones that we feel will be the most useful to our clients. Thanks to the resource library in MyBlueprints, we have found a central place to collect and share them. Our resources can be integrated directly in our programs, and our clients can access them all in one place. They will also be added to a common library that our clients can use to explore topics by themselves.

On a personal note, I love how I can write digest, embed media or share my perspectives alongside great resources that I share. I also like the fact that when I update a resource, all my clients get the latest version automatically.

The session notes are always available.

Being prepared for our meetings with our clients has always been very important for us. Whilst respecting their confidentiality, it has always been a dance to find all relevant information as it was disseminated in notebooks, emails, documents and in our heads. With MyBlueprints, we are able to access this information securely, anywhere and quickly. It makes the session preparation process a lot simpler and smoother.

I tend to doodle a lot in my post-session debriefs, and now since the session notes are always with me and makes it super easy to reconnect with the previous sessions.

The template system makes program customization a breeze.

For each client, we customize our approach; however, as we focus on a particular niche, our programs share similar steps. In the past, we used to clone documents and make the relevant adjustments for our clients. We felt that was sufficient, but we realized it did not really cater to the dynamic side of our programs (as they evolve with our clients). With MyBlueprints, we are able to create rich programs which include all the relevant resources and save them as templates. In turn, for each new client, we can select the relevant template and make the necessary customizations. As the program evolves we can save it at any time as a template for future use.

I love how quickly the templates helps me start a new client and have all the necessary information shared automatically.

Overall, MyBlueprints has brought a purposeful structure to our practice without taking away the flow and freedom that we cherish. We are excited to see how our practice will evolve as more powerful digital solution become available in the MyBlueprints ecosystem.


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