Intention, Values, Team, Network

Our Intention

Epicoaching started in Singapore with the intention to invite others to transform their life through coaching and agility.

We believe that the next generation of extraordinary leaders, like you, need to embrace agility and build meaningful, compassionate and curious relationships. They also need to become masters at taking in and taping in all perspectives available to them. Lastly, ignite other’s passions and transform people around them by staying connected to, and stating, their true intentions.

We understand that one cannot act alone to do great things. For that reason we are very excited to be part of an international network of coaches that are committed to make an impact on the world around them. 

Our Values


We love to discover the unknown and ask questions that will take us in unexplored territory. We like to question what is present, be with it and learn from it.

Our Values


For adult development. For people by building genuine relationship with people and communities around us.

Our Values


To be unreasonable and to move over the edge to trigger change. To go through difficult times when change occurs in order to create a safe environment for transformation.

Our Values


To empower others to live impactful lives. We strive to create long lasting transformation that go beyond our coaching relationship.

Fazlina Nasir


NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

I believe there is no perfect moment to start living your dreams. You will be what you believe in!.

Fazlina Nasir

Operations Director

“I believe there is no perfect moment to start living your dreams. You will be what you believe in!”

I am trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Enneagram, Reiki and exploring topics such as hypnotherapy.

My passion for self-development is what invites me to explore and help those around me.

My intention for the future, is to create a sustainable and impactful coaching practice that will create the space and support adult development.

My background is very diverse, and I have never been afraid to take big steps to change the course of things in my life. I have always been part of a team, may it have been in in complex offshore projects or in tight security engagements. Each experience has been for me an opportunity to learn more about myself and the teams I worked with.

All along, I keep noticing the importance of building strong relationships, bringing empathy in stressful situations and being courageous in front of setbacks.

I have seen what amazing things teams can accomplish when their emotional system is flowing and when they stay available for each other.

Michael Bertrand

PCC, CPCC – Founder

Executive & Agile Leadership Coach

I believe that people need to write their own story, and have intense relationships, for the world that we know now to evolve to one we want to live in the future.

Michael Bertrand

Founder & Executive Coach

Michael’s specialities are developmental and executive coaching, team coaching, facilitation and team performance. He holds an ICF PCC certification and has been trained in neurobehavioral coaching, Systemic coaching, adult developmental coaching,
Immunity to Change and co-active coaching.

Leadership Profile

Michael is an Executive and Agile Leadership coach. He works with senior leaders and teams globally looking for long-lasting impact and powerful connections.

He works with leaders and leadership teams that want to thrive with agility in very dynamic environments. Having worked with high profile leaders all over the world, Michael has developed a deep cross-cultural understanding. He also has a rich experience coaching individuals in a large variety of environments and contexts. Michael is dedicated to holding the space for people to explore limiting assumptions, to embrace challenging perspectives and to provoke powerful shifts that will generate deep and long-lasting transformations.

Michael’s life has been one of integrating with many cultures, one of many reboots and one full of powerful encounters. Michael has held senior leadership roles, led large teams across multiple continents and drove large organizational transformations. Entrepreneur at heart, Michael has been in the start-up scene since early 2000’s and explored cutting edge topics such as Artificial Intelligence. To this day, he is still exploring new ventures and supporting entrepreneurs fulfil their dreams. In addition to these exhilarating professional experiences, he also found the time to pursue his passion in sport. Michael has been an elite athlete competing at national and international levels.

All these experiences have led him to be able to very comfortable with the unknown, has made him an expert in perspective taking, ignited his passion for team dynamics and created a space of simplicity for himself. Michael works with his from a place of deep empathy, calm, courage and lightness.

Areas of expertise

  • Developmental Coaching
  • Team & Systemic Coaching
  • Transition
  • Leadership
  • Agile Leadership

Qualification and Affiliation

  • Leadership Maturity Framework – Certified Coach (MAP)
  • Appreciative Enquiry Practitioner
  • ORSC – Center for Right Relationship – Team and systemic coaching
  • Arbinger Trained Coach, Arbinger Institute
  • Neurobehavioral Modelling (Dr Paul Brown)
  • CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) from CTI (Coach Training Institute)
  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • The Leadership Circle Certification (TLC, Singapore)
  • Agility trained Coach and Trainer – Agil’OA
  • Hogan Assessment Certification


To support our clients globally, we collaborate with an international group of coaches  and organizations such as Authentic Choices, Triaxiom 9, Vertical Development, Turning Point, Full Circle Group, Agil’OA.

We Give Back

Our intention is to give back to the community and the world around us. Every year we look for causes that matter to us and we donate our time or money. We feel compelled to give a hand and contribute to a generous society.