Our Services, Ecosystem

We believe that leadership and performance are the result of developed sense of curiosity, understanding of self and an intense care in relationships.

Adult Development

Custom-made leadership coaching program for executive leading large and impactful transformation. The program combines polarity wisdom and the MAP (a cutting-edge tool for vertical development). The program can also integrate the Leadership Circle Profile to bring a 360-degree perspective to the leaders.

Our coaching programs:

  • ONE
  • Navigating Complexity
  • Navigating Intergenerational Challenges

Collective Wisdom

Teams are our passion and we are committed to support teams that are making a difference. We really understand, respect and appreciate the complexities and challenges for a group individual to grow into a team. Whether you are looking to start, grow, motivate and re-energize your high-performance team; we offer:

  • Integrative Leadership Excellence
  • Change Management using a polarity lens
  • Polarity Journey
  • Leadership Culture 

Growth Perspectives

With the help of world-leading developmental assessments, we help you gain new perspectives on areas of growth that may trigger powerful shifts for you and your team.

When we co-create your coaching program with you, we will recommend what assessment we think may have the most impact and support you the most.

We also offer stand alone assessments and debrief if you are looking for an in depth view of yourself, or your team, without committing to a longer program.  


Polarity Wisdom:
This is a full-day Workshop where participants learn the fundamentals of polarity wisdom and apply a polarity lens for themselves and their teams.

The workshop can be extended to include systemic polarities and expand the learning to more complex layers in polarity thinking.


Polarity Webinars: Tailored webinars for individuals and teams that gradually introduce polarity thinking are an ideal first step in uncovering its power.

Adult Development and Polarity Conference Keynotes: Focused polarity keynotes to introduce polarity thinking and Adult Development to organization and communities.


Mixing practices such as hypnotherapy, reiki and Tibetan bowls, we create healing and peaceful spaces that are the foundation for developmental explorations.

We combine these practices in our developmental coaching programs and you can also use this practices independently to:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Manage your weight management
  • Stop smoking  
  • Improve sleep

Our Ecosystem

Our intention is to create an ecosystem where our clients can thrive. We take an inclusive stance and aim to bring as many channels to our clients that will foster developmental growth. We continuously iterate on the “lenses” that serve as a meta-framework to suggest detailed, tangible ways to bring about enduring shifts in our clients and their systems. We combine technology, resources and practices to generate energy and shifts for our clients such as:

Coaching Tailored resources and developmental activities
Emotional Intelligence Your coaching blueprint (MyBlueprints)
360-degree feedback process Hypnotherapy
Storytelling Healing and relaxing practices
Systemic Coaching Working with polarities
Neuroscience Somatic practices