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Are you a talented executive individual or team experiencing a


ONE is a tailor-made executive coaching program designed for talented individuals and teams that are contemplating, navigating or are settling in a major transition.

At its core are cutting edge adult development perspectives, and a belief that by being one with your world, you can experience a tremendous sense of freedom, generate powerful shifts and create moments of magic for yourself and others.


Our invitation

It is an invitation to let go of the tension, drop the walls and fully embrace yourself and the world you live in. It is an invitation to look beyond what seems to be set and discover the power that lies in being fully present and connected to what is.

ONE, in its current form, is a combination of the essence of multiple powerful and transformative journeys. It connects deeply in advanced adult development research, developmental perspectives, and it gradually guides you through your meaning making process.

ONE is for you if you are

An individual or team driving significant changes or transformation in your organization

An entrepreneur, start-up founder or intact team looking to scale up rapidly

Making a big leap in your career

Exploring to pivot in your professional life with a desire to increase your impact on the world and society

Exploring the next chapter in your life

Going through major changes in your professional or personal life

This exclusive program is designed to

Allow your current meaning-making frame to emerge and connect to what is important

Reveal the stage of development in which you are constructing your understanding of the world

Reveal the big assumptions that may be holding yourself back or generating tension

Engage with the powerful polarities that bring balance, reveal powerful opportunities and support meaningful shifts

Integrate the process of letting go and create space

Celebrate the deeper connection to self and the world

Without ignoring the past and the future, learn to be in the moment and its power

Craft and integrate practices that will amplify your autonomy and freedom

12 Months

7 Themed Sessions

5 Open Sessions

Cutting edge adult development tools

Tailored reflections & practices

Access to a rich library of developmental resources

You will be invited to hold holistic lens, inclusive of all aspects of life​
All journeys are unique and tailored for you, one where co-creation is at the core
Designed for you to put in application immediately, observe and integrate. You will be encouraged to embrace multiple feedback loops, to expand your viewpoint, gain insights and opportunities​
Our work together will contribute to a generous world​. 5% of the program fees will be donated to UNICEF or an association of your choice​

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